Vacation In Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The key to living luxurious when you’re on a budget is simply knowing how to save money when on vacation in Costa Rica. When families utilise these money saving tips, they will be able to afford a Manuel Antonio rental, some great activities on the beach, and a few souvenirs to bring home.

-Don’t eat out

Most rentals in Costa Rica already have a fully equipped kitchen, so why not use it? Instead of heading out to eat for every meal, which can get expensive quickly, make sure to stop by the grocery store after getting settled in.why you should visit Manuel Antonio in rainy seasonSearch online for sales just like at home, and make meals out of the cheapest products. If possible, check out online grocery prices before leaving home to set a grocery budget. Then, stick to it.

-Find free activities

Save money to afford a rental in Manuel Antonio by finding free things to do for the family. The beach is always free, and can provide hours of fun for the kids. Pick up some buckets and shovels to have a sand castle building contest or hunt for seashells together.

This area of Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches and the breathtaking scenery. Going for a hike or enjoy the surrounding beauty is a priceless memory that won’t cost families a thing.

-Save money on activities

Doing the same free activities every day for two weeks can get boring fast. Check out some sales on sites like Groupon to help save money on activities. Websites like these offer savings on various things, including family activities and local restaurants. This is a great way to keep the family entertained, have fun while away, and not spend too much money.

-Stay where you can afford

Everyone loves the thought of staying in a luxurious villa that will give every person in the family their own bathroom. Some of these can be rather expensive, though. Instead of going broke to live in a mansion for a week, shop around to find rentals in Manuel Antonio that are within budget.

There are vacation rentals in Manuel Antonio that are thousands of dollars per night, but there are also plenty available that are cheaper than most hotel rooms. Take the time to browse through rentals in this area of Costa Rica to find one that has plenty of space, but is also affordable.


Transportation is another area where families spend a lot of money while they are out of town. A taxi ride in town may not seem expensive, but a taxi ride in town three times a day for two weeks can add up to a lot of money.

To save money on transportation, stay within walking distance of local stores or compare the cost of renting a car to other methods of transportation. Saving money in this one area can help a family save hundreds of dollars while they are out of town.

Staying in Manuel Antonio or getting vacation homes doesn’t mean that a family has to empty out their yearly savings account. Instead, families can save money in a few key areas to guarantee that they can afford to stay in a luxurious vacation home and still have fun for the week or two that they are away.

Remember, families spend the most money on eating, lodging, transportation and activities, so these are the key areas that they want to save money on when they can. This money can then be spent on other things, like a larger rental.

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