Unknown Facts About Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. However, not everyone can undergo it. Mothers, pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid teeth whitening because there is not enough safety to determine the risk of tooth bleaching procedure during pregnancy or breastfeeding. People who have hypersensitive teeth should escape bleaching, because this procedure can increase the level of sensitivity they undergo.original site

How are teeth bleached?

The first layer of the tooth surface is enamel and it is usually semi-transparent or clear. Dentin that is the layer located under the enamel usually is of yellow color, improbable that it can be gray, brown or black. A peroxide solution is set on the enamel for bleaching the dentin. This procedure opens enamel pores, permitting the solution to achieve the dentin layer. The dentin will be lightening thanks to solution and as the result the teeth will begin to bleach.

Different trade marks of teeth bleaching products can be found on the market promising one thing – great results. Professional in-office bleaching, professional take-home and over-the-counter bleaching items are the most usual ways to make your teeth whitening.

It is important to have realistic hopes for achieving results; in order to evaluate whiter smile it will take several such procedures. Bleaching results may not be constant because the teeth collect remains from food, drink or use of tobacco. Keep in mind to brush and floss daily, consult your dentist regularly. Tooth bleaching results differ from person to person, so choose the variant that satisfies your needs and of course the budget.

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