Leather Backpack Buyer’s Guide

In our increasingly mobile age, the comfort and utility of our accessories are growing ever more important. Whether you are a student walking to class, a tourist sightseeing in the great cities of the world, or a businessperson trying to catch a bite to eat before the end of your lunch break, you need accouterments that facilitate a constant on-the-go lifestyle. Today, we will examine two such products for today’s busy traveler: leather backpacks and clip-on sunglasses.mens leather backpack

Students understand the necessity of rugged, functional baggage, but this need applies equally well to anyone bearing a heavy burden. For folks with a slew of items they need at a moment’s notice, leather backpacks are among the best bets. Not only can they accommodate the bulkiest of loads snugly and securely, but their tough construction withstands wear, tear, and weather damage far better than more traditional materials. And while cheaper bags can look a little plain, high-grade models are available in a wide variety of styles and fashions that show off leather’s earthy, textured feel in suave and trendy ways.

Clip-on shades are another area where one might be surprised to find some style. Clip-ons typically evoke images of unselfconscious tourists with jumbo lenses fitted awkwardly over their prescription frames. But manufacturers have more to offer than that goofy stereotype. Clip-ons come in sleek rectangles and graceful ovals fitted to the most popular lens styles, with firm yet discreet hinges that blend with the frame without unsightly protrusions. And their utility cannot be denied — by combining two pairs of glasses in one, clip-ons cut down on clutter, saving you from having to fumble in your bag to transfer frames.

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