Defibrillator Cabinet – Things To Know

A defibrillator cabinet keeps your device available for everyone and alerts others in the case of an emergency. When you have someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, you want to know exactly where your defibrillator is and be able to get to it quickly. Defibrillator cabinets keep your device safe and available.

A defibrillator cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge steel and tempered glass. It resembles a fire extinguisher case and can also be mounted on a wall for easy access. You can choose from a cabinet that is recessed into the wall or one that mounts flush with the wall.

The cabinet has an audible alarm and flashing lights when opened. This helps to deter theft and it also helps to alert others that an emergency is taking place. With the alarm, someone could be notifying 9-1-1 while another individual is bringing the defibrillator to the person in need. In places where an alarm is not needed, it can be disabled.

If your building has a central security system, you can wire the defibrillator alarm to the system. By doing so, you can immediately notify medical first responders that an emergency is taking place and that help is needed. Your alarm company or facilities staff should be able to handle the installation. They will be able to connect the alarm to an auto dialer as well if it’s desired.

Defibrillator cabinets are attractive and provide the easy access that you need to the device.

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