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Are you searching for WoW gold tips on the internet? I am sure that your World of Warcraft character is in need of better skills, weapons, armor, items or a mount right now. Every player will definitely feel the need to earn more WoW gold at some point. Without it, it is very hard for the player to make any meaningful progress in the game. So how do you make a lot of WoW gold in the shortest amount of time?
Top 3 WoW Gold Tips
1. Buy as Many Bags as Your Character Can Carry
Make sure that your character is carrying as many of the biggest bags as he can carry. You should be doing this even if you are still at level one. This allows you to save a lot of time while you quest since you would not have to go back often to sell your items. Get all your four bag slots filled as soon as possible and you will not have to replace items often. Over a long time, I have been able to prove that the rewards for maximizing bag space is tremendous over another player who does not maximize bag space.View now Classic WoW services.
2. Choose 2 Gathering Professions for your Character
You should try to choose skinning, mining or herbalism and avoid the crafting professions like jewel-crafting and blacksmithing it you want to maximize your characters’ gold making potential. With gathering professions, you will be able collect many items that other players desperately need. You can then sell these items at the Auction House for a lot of gold. There usually will be a lot of demand but a small amount of supply for the items that you can gather with these professions.
3. Do Not Buy Gold from the Chinese Farmers
When you learn the proper strategies for making Warcraft gold properly, you will realize how overpriced Chinese farmers are actually selling their gold for. Moreover, it is illegal under Blizzard’s terms and conditions and will risk getting your own account banned.

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