About kitchen floor tilers dublin

Tiling your kitchen can be a daunting task! Not only have you got to think about colour for your kitchen wall tiles, colour off your kitchen floor tiles. Do they go with your kitchen doors, worktops. Do I tile up to the units under the units! What material do I use, kitchen floor tilers dublin Ceramic? Stone? Porcelain? Wow I’m pulling my hair out writing this!! OK so you need some help, so first things first.

Your kitchen is fitted and you need tiles.

What I find really helps my customers is having a piece of work top and door with you when choosing your wall and floor tiles. Taking this little colour piece with you will help you eliminate all the tiles that just don’t go and help you select the tiles that do.

Buy some samples

Once you have sorted the wheat from the chaff you can then purchase some samples, or if you’re lucky enough, you may find a tile store that simple doesn’t charge for samples. Take these samples home and try them in your kitchen in your own light – as lighting can change the look of tiles, this stage can be crucial.

Take Time.

Place the samples in your kitchen and take a little time, don’t make any quick rash decisions. Go back and keep looking at them in your light. Keep them for a few days and make sure they work in your kitchen. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to start again, at the end of the day they are on your walls or floor for a long time and choosing the right colour is very important.

How much do I tile?

This will vary in different kitchens. Most kitchens are tiled to the units on the floor and around the worktops up to the units on the wall. But like I said, this will vary as each kitchen is different and there is no right or wrong.


Wall: Most wall tiles will be ceramic. These will be easy to fix as they are easy to cut and can be fixed with a normal ready mixed wall tile adhesive. A small 10x10cm size kitchen wall tile will fit perfectly between your work tops and units as they are normally set at 50cm

Floor: Ceramic or Porcelain will work well on your kitchen floor. Ceramic will be easier to fix. Porcelain are a more solid harder material and a little trickier to fit. A tiler will charge more for porcelain but you will find, in my opinion porcelain will give you a deeper richer look. They also are frost resistant, so if you wanted to follow your tiles outside you won’t have a problem.

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