A Guide To Pressure washing plainsboro nj

There are just about as many different pressure washing detergents and chemicals out there as there are things that can be washed using a power washer. Picking the right cleaner for the job can be stressful when all you want to do is start spraying! If you are anything like me I love spraying just about anything, especially in the summer! Here is a look at a few “do it yourself” pressure washing mixes you can make right at home.

For wood services that are stained or have mildew, a simple solution of bleach and laundry detergent will do the job. The mix ratio is about ¼ cup of bleach to ¼ of laundry detergent with the rest being water. It is a good idea to use room temperature or cold water since hot water will raise the grain of the wood. You shouldn’t use a hot pressure washer either. The bleach will kill the mildew or mold while the soap will break down dirt and grease.Pressure washing plainsboro nj

For vinyl siding that has accumulated some mildew, you can use a mixture of 3 parts vinegar to 7 parts water. We have also heard that Fantastik and Windex work well on vinyl siding but it would not be practical to fill your detergent reservoir with these types of cleaners. But you can spray them on and use the pressure washer to rinse. The most effective way to remove mildew and mold is to use the bleach solution. Just using water will make the wood like nice when it is wet and maybe for a few days, but the mildew or mold is still there and will return. Bleach actually kills the mold or mildew and keeps it from returning.

The bleach and soap solution will also work well on painted wood and aluminum siding as well as lawn furniture, vinyl fences, painted shutters, and synthetic decking. Almost anything that is outside and subject to getting mold or mildew is a candidate for the bleach and soap solution.

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